Sp 3


 SP 3: Supreme White

POSE : Twisted dragonfly

This point is the most important in case of spleen energy deficiency, and it can be pressed to energise the spleen.
Every organ vibrates with the frequency of a colour, for the spleen the colour is bright gold yellow.

1 min press right

5 min twisted dragon fly ( twist on the left, stretch right side spleen meridian); come into the pose, edge, silence time, relaxation.

Creating energy with color.: breathing in earth Qi from the feet visualising a light into the belly, breathing out from the belly to the spleen splashing this light, nourishing the spleen.

1 min press right

2 min rebound other side

1 min press left

5 min pose

When the speen is out of balance you may experience, fatigue, diarrhoea or a bloated belly on the physical level. Emotionally you may experience worries, obsessive thinking and anxiety.

A balanced spleen means good appetite, good digestion, good energy, mental/emotional calmness, tranquillity and a sense of trust.

Food also energies or depletes the spleen: the spleen likes sweet, orange vegetables: like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots. And it likes warm food.

1 min press

2 min rebound